Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our first cookbook

Judy and I are extremely happy and very proud to announce the publication of our first cookbook, 
75 Favorites and a French Cooking Class.

 As the title indicates, this book includes 75 of our most favorite recipes, all of which have been presented on Cooking D’Lites over the past few years, as well as color photos and anecdotal comments for each dish.  Our 178 page book also includes the story of a marvelous three course cooking class we took while visiting Paris in November of 2010, along with the recipes we prepared and photos of the class.

This book was written as a fundraiser in order to raise money for research on Leukemia and other childhood cancers.  As you may or may not know my youngest sister, Randie Lynn Baruh, lost her life to Leukemia in May of 1965 just three weeks after her thirteenth birthday.  She fought a valiant battle against this dreaded disease for just over a year, but it finally took her from our family.

Following her passing our parents created the Randie Lynn Baruh Research Foundation which, over the years, has raised much needed money for this great cause.  My sister, Terye Baruh Levy, and I now carry on the fundraising efforts started by our parents long ago. This book is dedicated to Randie Lynn.

All proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to the Randie Lynn Baruh Research Foundation.  Each of you who purchase a book will receive, along with your copy, a personal thank you note from the Foundation stating that a donation was made in your name. Each copy of the book will be hand signed by Judy and myself.

The book is available in both Hard Cover and Paperback versions.  The cost of the Hard Cover, including shipping and your donation to the Foundation is $125.00 each. The cost of the Paperback, including shipping and your donation, is $85.00 each.

To order your personal copy, or copies for your friends and family, please forward your check for the full amount, made out to; “Cooking D’Lites”. Write “75 Favorites” on the memo line. Let us know the number of Hard and/or Paperback copies you desire and the mailing address for us to deliver your book/s.

Mail your payment and shipping information to;

                                                Cooking D’Lites
                                                c/o Judy and Barry Baruh
                                                5657 S. Delaware Ave.
                                                Tulsa, OK 74105

Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery.

From our kitchen to yours.  Enjoy the Book, and the adventure.