Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Asian Steak and Noodles… Italian Style

Here’s a recipe which we made into sort of an Italian/ Asian fusion dish.  We utilized wonderful Fettuccini pasta, cooked perfectly to an "al dente" finish, and paired that with the Asian flavors of Soy and Hoisin sauces, Ginger Root and Sesame Oil.  We then brought it all together with a delicious Filet Mignon Steak, and fresh, crisp Bell Peppers.

From our kitchen to yours.  Enjoy the adventure.


Asian Steak and Noodles...Italian Style
2 ½ Tbsp Soy sauce, low sodium

1 Tbsp Dry Sherry

2 Tbsp Hoisin sauce

1 tsp Dark Sesame Oil

1 Red Bell Pepper, seeded, thinly sliced

1 Green Bell Pepper, seeded, thinly sliced

2 Scallions, thinly sliced

1 pound Filet Mignon, trimmed

8 oz Fettuccini, uncooked

1 ½ tsp Ginger Root, minced

3 cloves Garlic, fresh, minced

¼ tsp Crushed Red Pepper flakes, or to taste


In a plastic zip lock bag, mix 1 Tablespoon of the Soy sauce, the Sherry, Ginger and Garlic.  Add the Steak and marinate for at least 20 minutes, up to several hours.

Approximately 20 minutes prior to serving the meal boil water in a medium large pot.  When the water comes to a boil add the Fettuccini noodles to the pot and cook for about 8 – 10 minutes for an “al dente” finish.

About 10 minutes prior to service place the Filet on a medium high grill, cooking for about 4 –5 minutes per side for Rare, longer if you like.

In a small bowl prepare a sauce using the 1 ½ Tablespoons of remaining Soy sauce, the Hoisin sauce, Sesame Oil and Crushed Red Pepper.

When the noodles are finished, drain and place in a large bowl.  Add the Sauce and toss.  Then add the sliced Bell Peppers and Scallion to the noodle mixture.

When the Filets are done, thinly slice them across the grain and toss the slices in with the Noodles and Veggies. 

Yields 4 servings.  PointsPlus value per serving is 11.  Prep time is about 20 minutes. Cooking time is about 10 minutes.  Level of difficulty is Moderate.

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Recipes shown may not be exactly the same as those found on any website. Judy and I tend to "tweak" each recipe we feature, to some degree, incorporating our own unique tastes and ideas. PointsPlus values, however, are accurate. 

Photo by Barry Baruh

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