Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paella Style Chicken with Brown Rice

Way back in December of last year Judy prepared a wonderful Paella recipe, which she cooked in a crock pot.  It was a celebration of flavor, aroma and color, and a true gastronomical success.

Since settling into our summer home at Lake Tahoe we have been celebrating the wonder that each new day brings.  For example, yesterday was planned as a day for shopping, in Reno, to gather all of the last minute items we needed at the house in preparation for all of the guests we have arriving beginning tomorrow and throughout the summer. 

Driving over Mt. Rose on the way to Reno we encountered something that you don’t normally see in this area at the end of June…Snow.  Not only is there an abundance of snow still left on the ground, at the higher altitudes, but as we were driving over the mountain it began to snow….  SNOW!!!

So let’s celebrate that.  And what better way to celebrate than with delicious Paella.  I found the base for our recipe in a magazine, changed a few items in order to make it Weight Watchers friendly, and prepared it tonight for Judy and me. It’s really simple to prepare, but…….

The one thing we learned this evening is this; at higher altitudes it takes longer for some things to happen. It takes longer to boil water and it takes longer for rice to cook.  The directions for tonight’s featured recipe are to be followed when preparing this meal at or near sea level.  Remember…If you prepare this dish at your summer home in the mountains; add about 15 – 20 minutes of cooking time.

From our kitchen to yours.  Enjoy the adventure.


Paella Style Chicken with Brown Rice
1 Tbsp  Olive Oil

2 oz Andouille Sausage, Turkey or Chicken

½ cup Yellow Onion, chopped

½ cup Celery, chopped

½ tsp Salt

1 cup uncooked Brown Rice

1 tsp Saffron or Italian Seasoning

2 cups fat-free Chicken Broth, low sodium

1 pound Chicken Breast, boneless and skinless, four 4 oz pieces, cut into large chunks

1 cup Peas, frozen

1 Red Bell Pepper, cut into thin strips

¼ cup Parsley, chopped

1/3 cup Scallions, chopped


Heat Oil in a large skillet.  Add Sausage (removed from skin) and cook on medium high for 3 minutes, while crushing the meat with a wooden spoon.

Add Onion, Celery, and salt.  Saut√© for 3 minutes.

Stir in Brown Rice. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, stir Saffron or Italian Seasoning into Broth, and add to pan.  Bring to a boil and add Chicken.

Cover, reduce heat to low and cook 40 – 45 minutes (per package instructions), until liquid is absorbed and rice is tender. 

Stir in Peas and Peppers. Cover with a mixture of Parsley and Scallions, for garnish.

Yields 4 servings.  PointsPlus value per serving is 10.  Prep time is 15 minutes. Cooking time is about 50 minutes. Level of difficulty is Easy.

Weight Watchers and PointsPlus are registered trademarks of Weight Watchers Intl. Inc.

Recipes shown may not be exactly the same as those found on any website. Judy and I tend to "tweak" each recipe we feature, to some degree, incorporating our own unique tastes and ideas. PointsPlus values, however, are accurate. 

Photo by Barry Baruh

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